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Woman Accused of Poisoning Her Husband With Drano

Woman Accused of Poisoning Her Husband With Drano

If you are unsatisfied with your marriage, the worst thing you can do is become violent. Although it is easy to feel trapped in a marriage, there are always more viable options. However, it is important to remember that violence in a marriage can take many forms. Since the ancient Roman times, poison has been seen as a “woman’s weapon.” But this isn’t just an established myth. According to the Washington Post, women are four times more likely to use poison compared to men. It is easy to understand why: Women often find it difficult to overpower men physically, so poison is the obvious weapon. There are also plenty of opportunities to use poison in the typical marriage, as women often find themselves preparing food for their husbands.

But what happens if you attempt this during your marriage? You will face serious legal consequences – even if your poison does not successfully eliminate the target. One recent example in California involves a woman who allegedly poured Drano into her husband’s tea. She was caught on tape doing this, and she now faces a number of serious charges. if you find yourself facing similar charges, getting in touch with a qualified criminal defense attorney in California is absolutely critical.

Wife Caught on Tape Pouring Drano Into Tea

 Back in April of 2022, a husband in Irvine noticed that his tea seemed to taste a little different than usual. The taste continued, and he could not quite figure out what it was. His health started to deteriorate, and he began to develop stomach ulcers. A few weeks went by, and he decided to get to the bottom of the mystery by placing surveillance cameras inside the kitchen. Sure enough, he played back the tapes and saw his wife pouring Drano into his tea. He was dumbfounded. His own wife had been poisoning his tea, and the tapes showed her doing this on several occasions.

Keeping a low profile, the husband did not come out and openly accuse his wife of any wrongdoing. Instead, he played it cool and collected samples of the tea. He then provided these samples to the FBI. After testing, the FBI confirmed the man’s worst fears: He had been drinking drain cleaner for weeks. Fortunately, the husband is expected to recover from his injuries. It is not clear what she was trying to accomplish, as the Drano was being administered in such small amounts that it clearly did not kill the target. In an official statement, the District Attorney stated the wife was “tormenting” her husband rather than openly calling this attempted murder. This may provide some clues about how this case will be prosecuted.

The husband, as you might have guessed, has now filed for divorce and is seeking sole custody of his two children. Because of this woman’s history with violence, he is almost guaranteed to walk away with the children. The woman, on the other hand, was arrested and quickly released on a $30,000 bond. The most important detail here is that her defense attorneys have announced how she will plead: Not guilty.

She is being charged with three counts of felony poisoning and one felony count of domestic battery. Note that she has not been charged with attempted murder – probably for the reasons outlined earlier. So what exactly is felony poisoning in California? You can be charged with felony poisoning whenever you put poison in food, drink, medicine, or water supply that you know will be consumed by humans. If you are convicted, you could face five years in prison. Aggravating circumstances such as serious injury or death can make these penalties even worse.

Domestic battery is another serious offense, and it involves virtually any type of “force” against a family member. It can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor with up to one year in jail or a felony with up to four years in prison. So how much prison time is this woman facing? Remember, she has been charged with three separate counts of felony poisoning (one for each time she was caught on tape, presumably). This alone could result in 15 years in prison. The domestic battery charge could result in another four years in prison, bringing the maximum total to 20 years.

The woman’s decision to plead not guilty is interesting. Since she was caught on tape, she will need to employ a very effective defense strategy to achieve the desired result. Of course, there is an element of risk associated with pleading not guilty. If she had pleaded not guilty, she may have had the opportunity to pursue a plea deal for the chance of a decreased sentence. Her decision means that a maximum penalty for all charges is very much within the realms of possibility.

Potential Defenses to Poisoning

 If you are caught on tape poisoning someone, it obviously makes defending yourself much more difficult. That being said, there are a number of general possibilities if you find yourself facing these charges:

  • It was accidental
  • You did not expect anyone to consume it
  • You did not know that the material was poisonous
  • Insanity

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in California?

 If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyer in California, reach out to Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP. We know how daunting it can be when you are accused of poisoning your spouse, but you are not alone in this battle. Book a consultation today, and we can discuss your unique situation during a consultation. From there, we can start building an effective defense strategy. There are many potential ways to fight these charges, but internet research can never provide you with the same level of targeted guidance as a legal professional. Reach out today to get started and begin fighting for your rights.

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