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What You Should Consider After Your Child Sustained Injuries in a School Bus Accident in California

A school bus accident can happen in many different ways, and these can ultimately result in serious, lifelong injuries for a child. Whether a child sustains injuries as a passenger, attempting to exit or board the bus, or as a result of another automobile, serious or even deadly consequences can ensue.

This past September, a passenger vehicle collided with an LAUSD school bus as the bus transported minor children to school early morning. Nine children were injured as a result of the accident and were treated by paramedics. When a bus collides with another vehicle, injury to the passengers of the bus can oftentimes require urgent medical attention.

School Bus Accident Statistics

Approximately 26 million students use a school bus as a means of transportation every day across the United States. This equates to approximately 480,000 buses on the road each and every day for the sole purpose of transporting students. Although accidents related to school buses are rare when compared to other forms of automobile accidents, it is critical for bus companies to not undermine the possibility for accidents and injuries.

The following information has been reported by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration:

  • In the course of about ten years, there were 1,172 deadly accidents related to school bus transportation.
  • The fatalities reported included approximately 300 school-aged minors.
  • The total amount of victims included school bus passengers, passengers of other automobiles, cyclists on the road, or pedestrians.
  • A majority of minors who sustained fatal injuries as a result of a school bus related accidents were between five and 13 years of age.

While school buses transport students to and from education institutions, they are also used for sports games, field trips, and other school-related events. It is worth noting that other organizations have the ability to rent school buses. This can include for purposes such as church trips, community service projects, parties, or other private events. In short, these buses are on the road throughout the state on a regular basis, creating the opportunity of a collision and serious injuries.

Injuries Resulting From School Bus Accidents

When parents send their children to school on a bus, they generally trust that the school bus driver is qualified and properly trained to operate the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When an accident happens, parents are often left with the uncertainty of how the injuries will affect their children for the rest of their lives.

As a result of a school bus accident, children can sustain severe injuries because of the carelessness of the bus operator or the bus company. Children injured in a school bus accident can easily hit their heads on the windows of the vehicle, the seats in the bus, or even the roof of the bus. When colliding with another automobile, the force of the impact can throw children from their seats against the metal surfaces of the vehicle.

How a Skilled Law Firm Can Help an Injured Passenger

If your child was injured as a result of a school bus accident, the negligent party should be held accountable for the injuries your child sustained. Recovering compensation from the negligent party is a complicated process that oftentimes demands the support of a skilled and well-versed law firm.

The attorneys at Milligan Beswick Levine & Knox, LLP have many years of experience handling school bus accident cases in the State of California. The law firm diligently investigates each and every case and seeks the maximum amount of compensation available.

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