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What To Do If Your Child Was Injured in a School Bus Accident

If you have children who are currently enrolled in a school where they must rely on bus transportation, you may often worry about their safety in these. While school bus drivers in California are required to hold a Special Certificate with the California DMV, this does not preclude them from accidents. Although school buses have a reputation for being a safe method of transportation for children, it is interesting to know that a majority of these are not even equipped with seatbelts. Because of this, each year, hundreds of children are either injured or killed due to a bus accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that each year, approximately 134 individuals die as a result of school transportation related accidents. This data includes those who are in the bus, around the bus (such as pedestrians and cyclists), and others inside other cars.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in California

When worst-case incidents occur and a child has been injured because of a school bus, filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a multifaceted process. Whether the injury took place on school grounds, during a school-related event or activity, or in other places, the events that lead to the accident will be imperative when determining who will be liable for the injuries. Because school buses can be third parties hired by the school, filing a personal injury claim can be a daunting endeavor. Even when the school or school district is not directly responsible for the child’s injury, these parties may still be held liable for the child’s injuries.

Once you have identified the responsible party or parties, you should know that filing a personal injury claim in California is subject to a statute of limitations. This means that you only have a small window of time to pursue legal action against the liable party. If you are filing a claim against a government agency, you should know that your time to file the lawsuit is even more restricted.

Consult the Legal Advice of an Experienced Attorney

When a school bus accident has caused injuries to your child, the event can often be devastating and leave your child physically and emotionally scarred. If you are unfamiliar with the legal process involved with filing a personal injury lawsuit for a bus related accident, you could be left feeling overwhelmed and confused. Additionally, you could also be left with the urgent need to pay for your child’s expenses related to their injuries. Speak to a qualified attorney who can represent you and your child’s rights. Having an experienced attorney at your side can be very beneficial.

The attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine, & Knox, LLP , are committed to representing the rights of children who have suffered injuries in the aftermath of a bus accident. The firm has many years of dedicated experience in school bus accidents and they understand the level of sensitivity each case demands. If your child was injured in a school bus accident, immediate action is suggested. Seek the legal advice of an experienced and skilled attorney who will help you and your child obtain the financial compensation that is deserved.

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