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What Happens When Police Cars are Recalled?

More than 7,000 2014 and 2015 police cars have been recalled across the nation, prompting some agencies to take precautions. Ford Police Interceptor SUVs have been recalled after at least one accident and injury have been reported as related to the issue.

The majority of agencies across the country began transitioning to the vehicles two years ago when the Crown Victoria was retired.

The recall was announced on April 27 and covers all Interceptor SUVs manufactured at Ford’s Chicago plant from January 31, 2014 through May 13, 2014. The issue has been described as poor welding of the rear suspension links that can lead to fracture. Minor problems include suspension noise, while major problems include an increased risk of crash.

The San Bernardino sheriff has made the decision to garage each of its 58 Interceptors until they can be inspected and, if necessary, repaired. The department has enough vehicles to cover the city streets, meaning that citizens should not be affected.

Neither of the two Interceptors owned by the San Bernardino Police Department are affected by the recall. Other police agencies in the area are inspecting their vehicles to be sure that they are not subject to the recall. If they are discovered to be one of the vehicles affected, they will be taken out of service and repaired as quickly as possible.

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