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Three Fatalities in Malibu Crash

download (51)Speeding on the roadways can kill you. We all know that. It can also kill others. Irresponsible drivers cause injuries every day on America’s roads. Some of them pay the ultimate price for the thrill of getting the spedometer up that much higher.

Police were notified that a Mercedes was speeding through the Malibu area after midnight. When they finally caught up with the driver they witnessed a gristly scene. Three people were dead and another car, a Honda, was sliced in two from a collision on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The initial investigation claims that the driver of the Malibu began to lose control at high speed and spun out, crashing into the Honda. There were no survivors.

In such tragic cases, families may not know where to turn to to pay for final expenses. However, sometimes it is possible to sue the estate of a person if they did cause a wrongful death. To know whether that is possible, you’ll need to talk with a lawyer who is experienced in these matters.

That’s why you should call MBLK. Our legal team is ready to hear you no matter what type of personal injury you may be facing. We will listen to your needs and give a fair assessment of your chances in court, then fight hard for you in front of the judge. Don’t despair. Call our offices or contact us through our web form.

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