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Suspected Drunk Driver Kills Six

Leticia Ibarra and her husband decided to make a family trip to the casino with her mother and daughter.  At the last minute her cousin and her husband decided not to go along with the rest of the family, a decision that will haunt them forever.  Leticia,  her husband Georgio, their daughter Jessica and grandmother Ester left early that Sunday morning, hoping to make it home to catch a family soccer game, but they never made it.

Olivia Culbreath, on her way home from partying with her sister and friend, had too much to drink that night.  She turned on to the 60 going the wrong way, at a speed that was too fast, and ended the lives of Leticia Ibarra and her entire family.  A family that had finally moved out from living with other relatives, and was finally able to buy a home of their own.  A family that loved getting together with other family members and cook out, with Leticia’s booming laugh welcoming all in.  A family who leaves behind a distraught older daughter, who was unable to go to the casino with the rest and will forever live with loss. 

The suspected drunk driver, Olivia Culbreath, 21, has her own loss to deal with.  Her sister Maya, 24, and friend Kristin, 21, who were in the car with her died as well.  But was this all preventable?  In 2010, Culbreath was 17 and had her license suspended for excessive blood alcohol levels, and in 2011 she had her license suspended for negligence.  She had her license back for less than a week before the accident that killed a total of 6 people, and injured 2.

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