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Summertime Premises Liability Concerns

In the midst of summer, many people look for many different activities to find cooler temperatures. With the influx of visitors, many property owners should pay extra attention to conditions that could arise during this period. In the State of California, property owners owe a basic duty of care to their visitors.

It is equally important that you become familiarized with these potentially hazardous conditions so that you can protect yourself from accidents and injuries. Nonetheless, mishaps and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is important to know your rights if or when this happens.

Common Accidents That Can Happen In the Summer

Personal injury accidents can happen at any time of the year, however, there are specific types of accidents that are associated with summertime. The following are common summer accidents you should be aware of, and keep front of mind when you’re out this summer:

Animal bites – When people look for fun summer activities to do, they usually take their pets whenever possible. In the State of California, pet owners are the primary responsible parties for dog bite injuries. Property owners, however, can still be held responsible for damages caused by an animal that was allowed into the premises. Additionally, summer weather can also attract mosquitoes and other bugs than spread diseases. Property owners need to take necessary preventive measures that will help to eliminate pests. Failing to do so, these property owners can be held responsible for injuries you may have acquired.

Slip and fall accidents – Slip and falls are frequent property liability issues. Slip and fall accidents could be caused by the following conditions:

  • Wet floors,
  • Uneven floors,
  • Overcrowding, and/or
  • Material left on a walkway

Pool accidents – Swimming is a staple for the long California summers but it can also be a very dangerous activity, especially if the property owner fails to comply with state-mandated safety requirements.

Premises Liability in California

Property owners are not always responsible for accidents that occur within their premises but they can be held accountable if:

  1. The property owner has failed to reasonably maintain the property in effort of preventing hazards and dangers.
  2. The property owner has failed to warn and/or inform visitors about known hazards.

Seek the Legal Advice of a Knowledgeable Premises Liability Attorney

If you have sustained injuries as a result of an accident that occurred while on another’s property, it is vital that you act quickly. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you gather information that could help prove your case. As an injured person, you could receive monetary compensation that could help you cover the following:

  • Medical costs,
  • Therapy and rehabilitation, and
  • Inability to earn an income

Speak to a qualified attorney who can help you file a premises liability claim.

The attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP are experienced with respect to premises liability claims in the State of California. The firm is committed to helping victims of negligence obtain the financial compensation they deserve after suffering injuries. It is important to note that premises liability claims in California are subject to time limitations. Failing to file a lawsuit in the mandated time frame can void the case altogether; speak to a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

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