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Security Camera Catches Hit and Run

download (5)One of the most powerful pieces of evidence the court can have is surveillance videos. Stationary security cameras can provide an impartial third-eye to show what happened at a crime scene. One case that hit the news is going to hinge on this evidence.

The video footage in the report shows the driver striking the grandmother and her five-year-old grandson, sending both to the hospital. The video also shows that the driver never slowed down or stopped to help. Witnesses confirmed it was a hit-and-run accident.

The video also shows that the couple were not crossing at a marked crosswalk, but did look for cars several times before crossing. There is also the possibility of morning glare making it too hard for any driver to see that someone was crossing the road.

All of these factors will have to be weighed for any criminal or civil case. Clearly the driver performed hit-and-run, which puts them in a very bad position. However, the fact that the couple did not cross at a marked crosswalk also puts some of the fault on them. It will be up to the courts to decide, assuming the driver is found.

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