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San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you know is being prosecuted on criminal charges, you’ll want a San Bernardino criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the strongest defense. Being charged with a crime, no matter how small, can potentially change your entire life. Sometimes even the charges alone are enough to tarnish your reputation. That’s why you’ll want a San Bernardino criminal attorney who can prepare an aggressive defense in an effort to achieve a not-guilty verdict. Failure to secure a stout criminal defense in San Bernardino could result in negative consequences, including jail time, job loss, fines and financial insecurity.

That’s why at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP we take your case seriously – no matter what. We have a reputation for preparing proficient defenses and using our courtroom-tested attorneys to get our clients a favorable outcome. Within the law, we will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that you get the best defense for your case. Every possibility will be examined, and no stone will be left unturned, because this is about more than our reputation: this is about your life.

Deep Roots as San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorneys

The San Bernardino criminal defense attorneys of Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP have more than 140 combined years of experience in criminal law, which is why we are highly regarded criminal defense attorneys in San Bernardino. All of our partners, including Stephen Levine, who is board-certified in criminal law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, will do everything we can to get you the favorable outcome that you deserve. Every attorney in our firm has appeared before the local criminal court judges and magistrates many times, and are all well-respected by both the local judges and San Bernardino-area attorneys. We can also represent you in administrative hearings.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Bernardino: Your Trusted Advisers

Every client is treated with both respect and dignity, regardless of the charges brought against them. We look at all of our clients as innocent – no matter what they are accused of – and treat them accordingly, whether the case is jaywalking or homicide. As your legal counsel, we will work to have your charges dropped or reduced. If your case goes to court, it is important to us that you leave us not just with a not-guilty verdict, but with the knowledge that you’ve been treated like the wrongfully accused person that you are.

We can defend you against any charges, but some of our most common cases include:

Enlist a San Bernardino Criminal Attorney Now

The longer you wait to contact a criminal attorney in San Bernardino, the harder it will be to put together a strong defense for your case. That’s why you shouldn’t wait another moment before contacting Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP to schedule a private appointment for you or someone you care about. Make sure that your San Bernardino criminal defense attorney needs are met today.

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