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Child Support Attorney In San Bernardino, California

Children are entitled to financial support from both parents, regardless of how custody is shared or whether or not one parent has visitation rights. If you have a child, you are required to provide assistance if you are not raising the child in your home. It is important to understand that paying for a child’s daily needs does not disappear with the dissolution of the marriage or domestic partnership.

Who Decides How Much I Pay?

Child support is generally determined by a standard formula set by existing laws in each state. In California, these guidelines take into account the income and expenses of each parent, the number of children, the special needs of the child and the amount of time the child spends with each parent. An online calculator is available at the California Department of Child Support Services‘ website, which helps you determine the amount you may be required to pay. This online calculator is only an estimate, however, and is no guarantee of the child support that will be ordered in your case.

Why You Need An Attorney

Resolving issues related to child support may involve more than a calculation based on the state’s formula. A different support order may be appropriate. Our San Bernardino attorneys can help in a number of important ways, including:

Getting a court order

Going to court ensures that the paying parent is legally responsible for child support and that the payments are made and recorded on a consistent basis. We can provide you with fast and accurate legal advocacy to get a reasonable decision on child support that protects your interests and the well-being of your children.

Deviating from the standard

You may believe that the standard formula is resulting in an inadequate calculation, and you may want to negotiate a different amount of child support that makes sense for your family. We will work to ensure that the proper amount is determined based on California law and your particular circumstances.

Negotiating an agreement

Emotions can run high when dissolving a relationship and you will very likely need someone to mediate on your behalf. We can help you negotiate support as part of a divorce, custody or separation agreement, and can assist you in understanding your rights under the laws governing child support in San Bernardino.

Protecting your finances from overly burdensome support payments

Unrealistic financial arrangements are not in the best interest for anyone involved. The person providing support is stressed and resentful, the person receiving assistance is worried and angry and the children are caught in the middle. We can attempt to convince the court to award a different amount than would normally be appropriate under the state formula.

Seeking modification to an order

You may need a child support order that is more appropriate for your situation or you may need to have an order revised. We can assist you in modifying your order based on your changing circumstances including loss of job, new baby, custody revisions or changes in the formula used to determine support amount.

Contact Us Today

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing parents and families coping with many different child support issues. Whether you are seeking assistance or are concerned about how providing support will affect your finances, we can provide you with straightforward legal advocacy that results in the most reasonable outcome for your case, while protecting your children and your financial future. Contact our team of attorneys today about putting our resources to work for you.

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