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San Bernardino Child Custody Attorney

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, we understand that there is no relationship more important than the relationship you have with your child. Our San Bernardino child custody attorneys are here to help you protect and preserve that relationship by fighting for your rights in a child custody dispute.

When creating or modifying a child custody agreement, it is essential that you understand the law and that you work within it to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for you and your children. Our dedicated San Bernardino child custody lawyers will bring our decades of experience to advocate passionately for you and to ensure you get a custody agreement that works for you and your family.

California Child Custody Laws

Whether you are divorcing or have never been married, you will need a custody agreement to protect your rights to your children if you will not be co-parenting.

Child custody is the term used to describe the legal and physical rights that a parent or guardian has to a child. Child custody isn’t just about where your child will live, but is also about who has the authority to make essential decisions on key issues such as religion, education and medical care.

The best way to come to a custody agreement is to negotiate outside of court so you can create an arrangement that works for your child and your family. Our San Bernardino child custody attorneys can help you negotiate a parenting plan that resolves all of the essential issues important to your children and family.

When an amicable agreement isn’t practical or desired, then child custody issues can be decided by the court. The standard used is the best interests of the child standard and judges will evaluate many factors to decide what makes the most sense for your children. Usually, this means allowing the child continued access to both parents under some shared custody arrangement.

Modifying a Child Custody Agreement

Once a child custody agreement is in place, the agreement establishes the terms of your family relationships and cannot easily be changed. Courts generally won’t make modifications within two years of the agreement being reached unless there is a pressing reason to do so.

A custody agreement may be modified if a parent’s circumstances change, if a parent wants to move to another state, or if a child is not getting the care he or she needs. Modifying an agreement can be legally complex and you will want to consult with a San Bernardino child custody attorney for help.

Third-Party Custody Issues

Parents aren’t the only ones with a stake in child custody. Sometimes uncles, aunts, grandparents or other family members may have or desire custody and may have questions about their rights.

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, we know that families come in all types and we work to help resolve complex custody issues involving third-party custody arrangements as well as standard custody agreements between two parents who are separating or divorcing.

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Child custody cases must be treated with compassion and sensitivity, as well as with the professional expertise they deserve – as legal cases that will dictate a family’s future.

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, our dedicated and experienced San Bernardino child custody attorneys are here to help you at this important crossroads so you can preserve and strengthen your relationship with the children in your life.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your child custody matter, give us a call today at 909-798-3300 or contact us online.

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