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Riverside Property Division Lawyer

There are two common misconceptions about the division of property during divorce. One is that the husband is left penniless by the vindictive wife. The other is that the wife is left penniless by the vindictive husband. Although both can be anecdotally correct, neither is as common as conventional wisdom would have you believe.

Reality tells us that California law allows for an equitable division of property. Please note that equitable is not the same as equal or a 50/50 split. An equitable division of property is based on many factors, including the length of marriage, the premarital assets, any inheritance which may have occurred and a number of other factors. At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, we know that determining what is equitable can sometimes be difficult. In fact, determining the full extent of marital assets can often require a bit of detective work. Our clients who are in the process of divorce may find comfort in the fact that our Riverside property division lawyers are experienced, dependable and resourceful.

Experience in the matter of the divorce and division of property can make a significant difference to the eventual outcome.

Why Should I Consult a Property Division Attorney in Riverside?

On occasion, a married couple can list their assets on a legal yellow pad and just divide it down the middle. In most cases, it is more complicated than that. Our skilled and experienced divorce attorneys are able to handle the full range of legal issues related to property division. For those in the Riverside, California, area, we offer legal services including the following:

  • Business valuations: If a married couple jointly owns a business, the assets must either be untangled, or a new business arrangement must be made. It can be difficult to put a price tag on a family-owned business; however our Riverside property division lawyers have experience in this area.
  • Collectibles and other hard-to-value assets: Perhaps the couple owns a 1966 Mustang in pristine condition, a sailboat kept in a marina on the California coast and an art collection. Sometimes the assets are simply sold, but in many cases the assets are divided in a manner which is roughly equivalent.
  • Forensic accounting: Occasionally one spouse may seek to hide assets in offshore accounts or other out-of-the-way places. At our law firm we are able to do the detective work that may be necessary to track down a complete list of the financial assets.
  • Real estate property: Once again, this asset could be sold, although real estate is not always liquid. Our Riverside property division attorneys would work with you to find an equitable arrangement.

Comprehensive Legal Representation in Riverside

In addition to division of property, our attorneys also represent Riverside clients with the full range of other family law needs including:

  • Adoptions
  • Child custody determinations
  • Child support and spousal support issues
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Orders for protection
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements
  • Same-sex couple family law issues

Contact Our Riverside Property Division Lawyers

We would be honored to put our experience on your side. Contact our Riverside property division attorneys today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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