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Riverside Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

All too often, contentious divorce or child custody proceedings result in one spouse making accusations of domestic violence or abuse against the spouse. While family violence and abuse certainly does occur in some situations, there are also many cases in which a divorcing spouse uses a false allegation of violence in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in a custody or visitation dispute. If the accusing parent can cast the other parent in a negative light with abuse allegations, then he or she may have a better chance of winning the dispute in court

Fortunately, an experienced Riverside domestic violence defense lawyer at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP can be instrumental in disproving false allegations and removing any negative effects that such allegations could have on a pending custody or visitation case. In fact, when a parent’s abuse accusations prove to be false, that parent’s credibility, honesty, and moral character may appear questionable. However, in order to successfully disprove false allegations of abuse, you will need the skills and knowledge of an accomplished defense attorney to assist you throughout the proceedings.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

As your Riverside domestic violence defense attorneys, we are devoted to protecting your rights from false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse. These allegations can have serious repercussions if not handled immediately. Not only can they have an adverse effect on your child custody proceedings, but they can lead to criminal charges, which have potentially severe consequences, as well as to civil orders of protection or restraining orders, which also place limits on your rights. As a result, even the most false allegations of abuse must be taken seriously, and dealt with on an immediate basis. Failure to do so could have disastrous consequences, and even negatively affect your future employment opportunities and reputation in the community. Therefore, it is strongly urged that you contact a qualified domestic violence defense attorney if there is even a suggestion that you have been or will be falsely accused of abuse.

Domestic Violence and Family Law in California

One of the difficulties with domestic violence allegations in the context of a family law proceeding is that the standard of proof is much lower than in a criminal case. Whereas in a criminal case, you are entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no such standard in determining the best interest of the child. Even if you are never to be found guilty of abuse in a criminal court, if the evidence shows that you may have committed abuse or domestic violence toward a child or spouse, then this evidence could adversely impact your family law dispute. For instance, the court may not find you the appropriate person to have primary custody of your child if you have a history of abuse, or may limit your visitation. Therefore, it is essential that you confront any false allegations of abuse head-on.

Contact Your Riverside Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

The domestic violence defense attorneys of Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP have the skills and experience to effectively defend you against any false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse. Contact our office today, and let us explore all of the options available to combat the allegations against you, and place you in the best position possible in your family law case.

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