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Recalled Children’s Products Remain in Many Child-Care Facilities Across California

Recall systems are an effective tool used to remove dangerous products from stores and also alert consumers of the dangers associated with a particular product. Regrettably, recall lists such as the one produced by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission fall short in ensuring that the defective product is returned. Currently, only a fraction of recalled products are returned.

Concerning child-intended products, recall lists place the responsibility to parents and child-care centers to research and uncover which products are safe for continued use. Unfortunately, in order to obtain information about product safety, parents and child-care facilities need to sign up for notifications as well as remain vigilant on recall notices, both of which are routinely missed.

The Continued Use of Recalled Products Cause Preventable Harm

A recent survey led by Kids in Danger and the United States Public Interest Research Group found that from 376 responding child-care facilities, 1 in every 10 licensed facility continues to use recalled products for children in the facility. The products in question were the Rock n’ Play as well as the Kids II Rocking Sleeper. Both products have been linked to tragic infant deaths.

Protecting Your Family From Harm

Currently, there are only 18 states that ban the use of a recalled product at child-care facilities. In spite of this, the aforementioned study found that many facilities continued the use of defective, dangerous, or recalled toys in their facilities. A law banning the use of a recalled product is only effective if the facilities are regularly notified of a recall.

Sadly, there are hundreds of toys that are sold every year and make their way to child-care facilities, often leading to unnecessary injuries and casualties of an innocent victim. In the State of California, a child that has been injured as a result of a defective product has the legal right to receive financial compensation for his or her injuries. Depending on the facts of each case, the victim’s family can pursue a product’s liability case, over the malfunctioning product, or a premises liability claim, over the facility’s negligence.

When a Recalled Product Has Caused Your Child’s Injury, Contact the Legal Support of a Qualified Attorney

Personal injury cases involving recalled products are often complex. For instance, simply because a product is on a recall list will not determine a successful claim. If your child was injured because of a defective product while at a child-care facility, seek the legal support of a skilled attorney.

The personal injury attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP understand the anguish experienced by parents of injured children. The firm has many years of experience investigating product malfunctions and they work hard to provide families with the legal support they need to overcome the difficulties faced when their child is injured.  When your child has sustained injuries because of a defective product, seeking the right law firm can help you win the financial settlement your family truly deserves. Contact a proficient personal injury law firm today.

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