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Other Charges can Lead to a DUI Suspicion

Credit: Ana Patricia AlmeidaWhen someone is charged with DUI, many times there are additional reasons why that charge is suspected beyond the presence of alcohol. Extremely reckless driving can make police very suspicious that something was removing good judgment from a driver. Whether or not the DUI charge will stick will depend on the test results and the legal system.

An example of reckless driving comes from the San Bernardino Sun. An officer saw a Suburban driving recklessly on North Waterman Avenue. The officer tried to pull the speeding driver over. Police say he was going as fast as 100 MPH.

Police caught up with him when he crashed into an Infinity. The Infinity spun out and crashed into a truck. The Suburban driver kept going and struck a Mercedes before finally coming to a stop. No one was killed, but there were many injuries. The driver who caused all this was taken in for felony evading and DUI.

When evidence piles up like this against someone, action must be taken to mount a vigorous legal defense. Even in a “hopeless” situation, a defense lawyer may be able to assist with getting a plea deal or other reduction of a sentence. A lawyer will also help you get your affairs in order should you have to report to jail. If you need legal defense or personal injury representation in San Bernardino, our law office is ready to help you.

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