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Man Accused of Kidnapping Women by Posing as Amazon Employee

download (40)People who wish to abduct women for nefarious purposes have tried many different tactics. In a local story, one man is accused of kidnapping women by posing as an Amazon employee and offering them employment at an Amazon warehouse.

According to the report, the Chino Hills man approached a woman on social media to talk about the job offer. After gaining the woman’s trust, they agreed to meet at a fast food location. On arriving though, the man said he didn’t want to eat there, then offered to drive the woman to another eatery. That’s where things turned ugly.

The man turned onto the freeway and the woman realized that she was being abducted. She tried opening the door to jump out of the car, but the driver grabbed her pants to keep her inside, slowing the car down. The victim continued to struggle and successfully escaped to tell law enforcement.

When police searched the man’s home, they found the names of multiple women on documents in the home. They also found multiple false social media profiles linked to the suspect. Police are searching for more victims.

With such heavy evidence, it may seem like a lost cause. However, until you discuss what happened with a defense lawyer you won’t know what your full options are. If you’ve been arrested for a crime in the San Bernardino area, call the law team at MBLK for a free consultation.

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