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Los Angeles Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Accusations of domestic violence have profound implications for the most important relationships in your life. A domestic violence accusation can also affect your Second Amendment rights, your criminal record, your job, and even your freedom.  If you have been accused, now is the time to call a Los Angeles domestic violence defense attorney.

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, our criminal defense lawyers have represented many defendants in Los Angeles who have been charged with violent behavior towards family members. We will work hard to help you explore defenses, get charges dropped, avoid conviction, or negotiate a plea deal. Let us get started on your case now so you can put the charges behind you and move on with your life.

Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

Domestic violence is broadly defined to include violent or threatening behavior towards spouses, significant others, people with whom you share children, and other close family members.

When you are accused of domestic violence, the alleged victim could be entitled to a restraining order. The accusations, and a conviction, can be used against you in divorce cases or when there is a disagreement over child custody. The restraining order could even force you to move out of your family home. All of this can happen even before you are convicted of any crime.

Criminal penalties can include jail time, anger management counseling, community service, and probation- among other consequences.  Conviction can change your life and you want to do everything you can to avoid being found guilty or to plead to a lesser offense.

How a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help You

Domestic violence accusations often occur in divorce or separation cases. In many situations, the only people who know what happened are you and the alleged victim.  You do not have to prove you did not engage in domestic violence in order to avoid being convicted- if a prosecutor can’t convince the court beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law, you shouldn’t be found guilty.

A domestic violence defense lawyer can help you explore many different ways to raise doubt and defend yourself including:

  • False allegations
  • Mistake
  • Insufficient proof
  • Justification for your behavior, including defense of yourself, children, or other third parties

The best approach to your charges is going to depend upon the evidence and the facts of your specific case.  Prosecutors can sometimes move forward even without the cooperation of alleged victims, so you need to be prepared to fight hard to defend your freedom and future.

Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP is a trusted criminal defense firm serving clients in the Los Angeles area. Let our domestic violence defense attorneys help if you have been accused. Call today to get a legal advocate on your side.

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