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Intense Crash Leads to Suspected DUI

Credit: CBS8

When you hear about an alleged DUI in the news, all the information may not be present yet. All the officer has to do is tell the media that they suspect that a driver might have been drunk and it will get printed in the newspaper. This has the potential to bias jurors and throw negative opinion on the suspect.

Here’s an example. In Carlsbad a BMW was reported to be driving at high speed down I-5. Witnesses saw the vehicle crash into the back of a 1997 Ford truck. The impact was strong enough that both vehicles flipped off the freeway and landed in an apartment parking lot. The driver of the BMW was taken to the hospital after being cut out of the vehicle. The riders in the truck both complained of pain.

As you can see from the photo, the crash was pretty intense, but was it DUI? People who drive high-performance vehicles sometimes like to go fast just because they can. Unfortunately in this case, it led to this crash and the suspicion that there might be something else going on. Certainly the other people involved will want to know whether the driver was drunk, as it could affect future civil cases.

If you have been reported in the media that you might have been drunk at the time of a crash, you need legal protection fast. Get a lawyer on your side by calling the offices of Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox. We’re here to help.

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