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The Implications of a Side Impact Auto Accident for California Drivers

Side impact auto accidents, commonly referred to as T-bone accidents, are more likely to have a devastating effect on a person’s body than any other type of auto accident. According to reports, side impact auto accidents fatally injure about 10,000 people every year, which is more than head-on and rear-end auto accidents combined. Even with slow speeds, side impact auto accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to the passengers of the struck vehicle.

Injuries Associated with Side Impact Auto Accidents

According to a report published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the degree of injury a passenger will sustain depends heavily on where inside the vehicle the passenger was located at the time of impact. Even with the use of a seatbelt and side-impact airbags, passengers located in the backseat and on the same side where initial contact of the collision occurred have higher rates of serious injury and death. According to the report, backseat occupants are more vulnerable to injuries than those in the front seats because vehicles usually have more advanced safety technology in the front.

While injuries that resulted from being on the same side where the collision occurred have a higher likelihood to have devastating consequences, all other passengers in the vehicle are not barred from catastrophic injury. Common injuries associated with side impact collisions involve the following:

  • Severe spine injury,
  • Injury to the neck,
  • Broken bones, and
  • Lacerations

Among the many injuries, the most fatal involves head injuries. Traumatic head injuries can occur when a person inside the vehicle is violently hit against the inside of the vehicle upon impact. Even when a head injury does not result in death, the injury can nonetheless result in serious lifelong consequences. In fact, many injuries caused by a side impact accident will result in shock, chronic pain, or paralysis.

After a Side Impact Accident, Consult the Support of a Well-Versed Law Firm

All auto accidents are unpleasant, still, side impact accidents usually have tragic results. When a person sustains injuries from a side impact accident, the medical costs associated with the injury can be excruciatingly high. Moreover, many victims lose their ability to earn a living because of debilitating injuries.

Dealing with the consequences of a side impact accident, such as medical bills and insurance claims, is not easy. This is especially true when dealing with recovery. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a side impact injury, it is necessary to act swiftly and contact the legal support of a well-versed personal injury attorney. A qualified attorney will vigorously defend the victim’s right to a fair compensation.

The attorneys at Milligan Beswick Levine & Knox, LLP are highly skilled in working with side impact auto accident claims. The firm understands that most medical costs associated with auto accidents can severely affect a person’s finances; therefore, the firm works diligently to champion for the compensation the victim deserves for a better recovery. If you have been injured in a side impact auto accident, consider contacting the firm today for a free initial case evaluation.

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