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Glass Shower Doors Have Safety Risks

download (43)There is no denying the attractiveness of glass shower doors and enclosures. Glass has been used in this fashion for decades and homeowners enjoy the look and appeal of glass.

However, many people are discovering that glass shower doors, though attractive bathroom features, can pose serious safety risks. The risks come because the doors can unexpectedly shatter and this has been happening in recent months with increasing frequency.

Such an incident happened to 9-year-old Oliver Kwillinski when his shower door suddenly exploded, sending shards of glass flying and cutting his right arm and leg. His mother heard the explosion and came running up the stairs. She lifted her young son out of the shards of glass and called 911 before driving him to the nearest emergency room.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has received nearly 200 reports in the last two years that have left both adults and children with injuries.

Mark Meshulam, a glass safety expert says that even in the case of tempered glass, there are no safety standards in place and the enclosures and doors can potentially shatter. He believes that the doors should be much like car windshields and have a protective coating that causes the glass to stay together even when it’s broken.

If you have been involved in any kind of accident or injured due to an unsafe product, it could be possible for you to be compensated for injuries suffered.

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