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Earthquake Hits North of San Bernardino

Early this month, a 3.2-magnitude earthquake hit just north of San Bernardino. This information was released by the United States Geological Survey. The earthquake occurred just after 4:00 p.m. The earthquake was said to be at a depth of nearly 4.3 miles.

Witnesses to the quake said it was felt in Running Springs, Grand Terrace, Beaumont, Covina and San Bernardino.

If you live in California, chances are that you have grown up learning earthquake safety. Just in case you need a friendly reminder, here are some safety tips to use when an earthquake strikes.

1. Drop

If you feel shaking, drop down to the ground. Try to take cover under a table or desk and hold on.

2. Stay

Do not venture outside. You are safest when you are able to take cover.

3. Move

Do not place yourself near bookshelves or other heavy furniture that can fall on you.

4. Bed

If you are in bed when the earthquake strikes, stay there. Cover your head and body, if possible, with a pillow.

5. Outdoors

If you are outside when the shaking begins, try to move away from trees and buildings. Drop to the ground and cover your head.

6. Vehicles

If you are driving when the quake strikes, move to a clear area and stop your car. Stay in it until the shaking stops.

If you need more tips about earthquake safety, be sure to visit

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