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DUI can lead to vehicular manslaughter

Credit: Loco SteveDUI is a serious problem on our nation’s roads. Every day, people are injured or killed by drunk drivers. When someone is under the influence, they can even kill people they are very close to. In San Bernardino, a man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and vehicular manslaughter after he allegedly killed his friend with his vehicle.

The two had been drinking earlier in the night in a vehicle. The suspect went to drive home, and as he was driving down North G Street he struck his friend. It’s a tragic state of affairs, and police are looking for more information.

When a fatal accident like this happens it’s important that all the facts are straight before coming to any conclusions. It’s a surety that the suspect will be tested for the presence of alcohol, likely through a blood test. If he is convicted of vehicular manslaughter, his life is going to change forever.

Whether you’ve been injured by a suspected drunk driver, or if you are facing DUI charges, it’s important that you have competent legal counsel on your side. You need to be able to defend yourself, and the lawyers of Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox are ready to help you. Contact our offices if you need criminal law representation in San Bernardino.

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