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Drivers May Be Required for Driverless Cars

In light of Google’s driverless cars becoming more widely tested on American roadways, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has drafted a proposal that would require actual human beings to be present in the self-driving cars.

The proposal would limit the ability for parents to send their children off alone, or limit the freedom that delivery services have to send cars off on their own. Google is said to be disappointed that California is taking these steps to limit the way that driverless cars can be utilized throughout the state.

Because the way that the cars will operate and the safety that will surround them as they become popular is yet to be seen, the proposed regulations is seen as a good thing by some. There are simply too many scenarios, say some, that have not been considered. For example, what if a human-powered vehicle and a driverless vehicle both slow down…what if they both speed up? What if they meet head on? There are simply too many situations that these cars have not been exposed to in the real world to understand what may occur.

Senate Bill 1298 is the proposal that has been put on the table. There are two parts to the proposal. The first aims to establish certain requirements. The second requires that actual people are operating the cars. It’s the second part that is causing a small amount of uproar among people who support the release of these vehicles.

If the proposed bill is signed into law, it is feared that it could slow down the progress o the manufacture and release of the vehicles. If this should happen, manufacturers like Google may choose to abandon California and move onto other locations where regulations have not been put in place. Should this occur, California could be set to lose income long-term as the vehicles become mass produced and purchased by the public.

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