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Domestic Abuser Turns His Life Around

download (25)Maisha watched her father abuse her mother for years.  It was extreme abuse, “He abused my mother emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I told him ‘if you touch my mother again, I’m going to kill you.’”  Drugs, anger, and many other circumstances contributed to Maisha’s father, James Beard, beating her mother.

“I was a batterer, I was pathetic,” Mr. Beard mentions.

Maisha’s mother was rescued by her husband’s father.  “I heard grandfather come in the house, and he said, ‘Boy, I’m not going to let you kill this woman,” Maisha recalls.  Her grandparents nursed her mother back to health, helping her to rebuild.

This isn’t a story about someone’s abuse, though.  It’s a success story about how someone can turn their life around and teach others to avoid following in their footsteps.  Now, James Beard has worked with over 20,000 domestic abuse offenders in the Los Angeles County Jail.

He teaches offenders how to get a grip on their rage.  “Before we can learn what love is, we have to know what it’s not,” says Mr. Beard.  The turnaround is tremendous, from abuser to teaching a better way.

Here at MBLK, we work with victims of domestic abuse, people who have had the pain inflicted upon them.  We seek justice for those who don’t generally receive justice, and make sure that the people who need it are defended.  Give us a call if you’re in an abusive situation and you wish to press charges.

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