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Disneyland’s Recent Legal Issues

Disneyland’s Recent Legal Issues

One of California’s most notable attractions is Disneyland. The resort attracts countless individuals each year, and many of these individuals experience nothing but pleasant memories during their stays. Some, however, leave with serious injuries. Others lose their lives. Some become so disabled that they can never work again. It goes without saying that these individuals should have the opportunity to hold Disney accountable for their injuries.

After all, it is Disney’s responsibility to keep these individuals safe. If these injuries are caused by negligence, victims have every right to pursue compensation for their medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and any other damages they have suffered. Disney might claim that these accidents are inevitable – especially since the resort is visited by so many people each year. But with the sheer number of accidents and injuries over the past few years alone, it seems clear that these are much more than simply freak accidents. Consider the recent examples:

Disneyland Staff Allegedly Laughed at Disabled Woman After Fall. She Later Died from Her Injuries

 In January of 2023, Disney was accused of serious negligence after a disabled woman passed away from injuries she sustained during an incident in Disneyland. According to her surviving family members, the woman broke her legs when she fell during her time on a ride in the theme park while staff looked on and laughed. She was transported to a nearby hospital but never recovered from her wounds, as she developed sepsis and eventually died. The woman was apparently confined to a wheelchair during her time at the park due to a pre-existing knee injury.

The incident occurred at the Jungle Cruise ride, which was not wheelchair-accessible. Nevertheless, the woman decided to get into the ride with help from her family members. The staff apparently did little to help – other than providing “small, unsecured blocks” to help her get into the ride. When the ride was over, she fell and broke a number of bones. Staff was reportedly laughing, leaving the entire family feeling humiliated and “dehumanized.”

Woman Dies in Mysterious Disneyland Accident

 On February 20th, another woman lost her life due to a tragic accident at Disneyland. The circumstances of this particular accident are unclear, as the woman seems to have either jumped or fallen from a parking structure. Although first responders tried to save her life, she was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. About a year earlier, a man did indeed die by suicide by jumping from the structure, which has led some observers to believe that the woman’s intention was the same. However, it is far too early to jump to conclusions.

Even if it were a suicide, the family members could potentially argue that the company should have installed some kind of netting to prevent further suicides. After all, they were clearly aware that suicide was a possibility, as the man’s earlier death in 2022 was determined to be self-inflicted. Once Disney became aware that this parking structure was an apparently viable place to commit suicide, the implication is that they should have done more to protect the public.

Disney Forced to Recall Toys Due to Choking Hazards

 In February of 2023, it was reported that Disney had been forced to recall several toys due to an apparent choking hazard. These small figurines were marketed towards small children, but the CPSC pointed out that the heads of the figures could easily come loose and potentially pose a choking hazard. Over 16,000 toys had to be recalled due to this safety concern, although no injuries were reported as of this writing.

Disney has faced numerous other issues over the past few years – including a child who had to have his fingers amputated while participating in a basketball tournament at Disney World.

How Easy is it to Sue Disney?

 Disney is a massive corporation with access to near-limitless funds. They hire very skilled defense lawyers when faced with personal injury lawsuits, and they look for any possible way to avoid paying out settlements. For all its kid-friendly marketing, Disney is a for-profit company that tries to make as much money as possible. With all that said, it is possible to successfully sue Disney or reach a settlement. The latter is probably the more likely outcome, as Disney has offered injured victims settlements in the past.

Whatever the case may be, it is always important to work with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in California for the best results. These legal professionals can negotiate effectively on your behalf, helping you fight for the settlement you need and deserve. In order to sue Disney effectively, you will need to work with your attorney, provide medical records and other important evidence, and avoid speaking about your case on social media. Focus on healing as best you can, and make sure to receive the treatment you need for your injuries. With any luck, you will have all the compensation you need to cover the cost of your treatment at a later date. Disney may be difficult to sue, but you can pursue positive results with help from a qualified lawyer.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Redlands?

 If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in Redlands, look no further than Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those who have suffered serious injuries while on the premises of private companies like Disney. Whether you were injured in a parking lot or on a roller coaster, you deserve the right to pursue compensation for your damages. You can also file a lawsuit if you have been injured by a Disney-related product such as a figurine. Finally, you can sue if you have lost a family member to a fatal accident that you believe was caused by Disney. Book your consultation today to pursue the compensation you need and deserve in a confident, efficient manner.

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