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Co-Parenting Classes for Divorce in California

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be a difficult matter for the parents and children involved. For many parents, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook on the situation for the benefit of the children. Parents can help their family minimize the trauma of a divorce and ease the transition of a family separation by taking a parenting or divorce class. These parenting courses could help parents understand how to resolve any potential conflicts as well as how to manage co-parenting after the divorce has been finalized.

Why a Parent Should Take a Parenting Class

Depending on the state, parents may be required to complete an educational program before the divorce or child custody order can be finalized. These court ordered classes generally focus on helping parents establish healthy communication practices that could benefit the children involved.

A family court can also order parents to take these educational courses if the divorce is considered as high in conflict. Through the courses, parents can learn to reduce possible struggles or tensions by focusing more on the children and less on the relationship with each other. When the children become the focus of the parent’s attention, the children will less likely feel overlooked. The courses may also help the children not feel guilty for the divorce, which can be a common occurrence among minors.

Even if a family court does not mandate a parenting class, it can still be in the best interest of the parents to take the course. By understanding how to deal with the issues at hand, the entire family can avoid unnecessary traumas related to the divorce.

Parenting classes can also help parents recognize mental health issues that could develop in children following a divorce. Many children can face depression, social anxiety, or suffer from frustration or anger. Taking a parenting class can help a parent detect the early signs of trauma in their children, which in turn can help the parents and children obtain the right support that will help to alleviate the issue.

Other Potential Benefits of Parenting Classes

Parenting classes can present a wide-range of benefits for children and parents alike. The following are some of the most frequently observed benefits when parents have taken a course:

  • Higher grades among children,
  • Fewer behavioral issues,
  • Greater self-esteem among children and parents, and
  • Reduced drug and/alcohol use among parents

The overall health of a child should be a parent’s main concern; taking a class can help to ensure that a child’s wellbeing is safeguarded in the aftermath of a divorce.

Obtain the Support of an Experienced Attorney

If you are going through a divorce in the State of California, speak to an experienced attorney who can help you identify if a parenting class is right for you and your family. Additionally, a skilled attorney can bring ease to the entire divorce process.

The attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine, & Knox, LLP are experienced in handling family law cases involving the need for divorce education. If you are going through a divorce, speak to an attorney who can represent your rights today.

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