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City Settles Lawsuit in Eye Injury Case

download (60)A Hermosa Beach woman who had been blinded in one eye as the result of an errant flying golf disc bat Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park has settled her lawsuit filed against the city for $3 million.

According to court records, Noreen Goodbody’s injuries required her to undergo a total of four surgeries, each operation lasting nearly eight hours in the attempt to save her vision. The accident in August of 2012 caused a detached retina and traumatic cataract.

Goodbody’s medical bills totalled more than $202,000 so far and she potentially will face the prospect of more surgeries and other related medical issues that have been caused by the sharp, heavy golf disc when it slammed into her face.

The accident also left Goodbody unable to work for four months, she is no longer able to drive on the freeway and walking up inclines or taking escalators or stairs can be difficult because she now lacks depth perception.

City Attorney Quinn Barrow expressed sadness on behalf of city officials that a member of the community was injured in the accident, but Barrow went on to say that officials were pleased that a settlement had been reached.

According to Barrow’s statement, the majority of the settlement cost was borne by the city’s risk management group policy shared with other Southern California cities. The city of Manhattan Beach contributed $500,000 to the final settlement amount.

Goodbody was not the only person injured on the disc golf course. After her injuries, a 6-year-old-boy also sustained injuries that were considered life-threatening when a disk struck him as he played in the park in November 2013. A lawsuit on behalf of the child has also been filed against the city.

In 2014 the City Council finally quietly decided to close the disc golf course at the park — the city’s busiest — indefinitely after a closed-door City Council meeting was held.

Accidents that happen in city parks and recreation areas can sometimes be very serious. In such cases, it is important to file paperwork in a specific way in order to receive any sort of claim that is the fault of city workers or departments to make sure that such areas are safe.

When someone is hurt, medical bills, lost income and ongoing treatment costs can quickly mount up.

If you or a loved one has been involved in any kind of accident, depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you could be compensated for injuries suffered.

At Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP, we focus on your accident and personal injury needs. You pay nothing until you collect for your losses. If you have questions, we are there to answer them and to give you advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that scan arise after an accident.

Whether you have been involved in a bicycle, pedestrian or automobile accident, we are here to help. Call us today for a free consultation.


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