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Car Pinned Against Rail by Semi

download (4)Getting into an accident with a big rig is quite scary. The mass of these vehicles makes them extremely dangerous. When two get tangled up, smaller cars have little chance of surviving intact. However one family is lucky to survive after such an incident.

The vehicles involved were going down a three-lane highway. One semi tried to pass the other one but didn’t merge over far enough. The driver rear-ended the other semi and kept going, ripping the passenger side open. The force of the collision pushed the damaged truck toward the median. An Altima couldn’t dodge the truck and got pinned against the guardrail.

Officers had to smash the windows of the car to get the three passengers out. Fortunately, none of them were harmed. The drivers of the truck that started the mess had minor injuries. The drivers of the second truck were uninjured.

Thankfully, the injuries in this case were very minor. However, if you do get injured because of the irresponsible actions of a commercial driver, the driver or their employer could be held liable. If you’ve been injured and feel you are not getting the compensation you deserve, call the law office of Milligan, Beswick, Knox & Levine for a free consultation. We have decades of experience fighting for the rights of the injured. Don’t suffer in silence. Let us speak for you in court.

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