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Redlands Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal defense lawyer workingAre you being investigated or have you been arrested or indicted?  An experienced criminal attorney in Redlands, CA should be your first call as soon as police think you have been involved in a crime.  Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP can be there by your side as you deal with police questioning or respond in the aftermath of an arrest. Our attorneys can provide you with important advice on issues like:

  • When you need to hire a criminal attorney in Redlands,
  • How to defend yourself or respond to criminal charges,
  • How a Redlands criminal attorney can help you

California Bar Recognized Criminal Defense Specialist

attorney Stephen LevineAttorney Stephen Levine is one of only three California Bar Certified Criminal Defense Specialists in San Bernardino County. This means that Mr. Levine has been through extensive training, testing and exhaustive ongoing development to achieve and maintain his Certification. This certification also means that Mr. Levine has extensive experience representing the difficult cases that other attorneys and judges refer.

When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Redlands?

Many people think they can represent themselves with minor infractions and misdemeanor charges on their own and that the truth will come out in front of a judge. The reality is that you need a criminal attorney in Redlands whenever you have been charged with or arrested for an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony. Cases are often lost because a Client chose to represent themselves and made mistakes on procedural items or critical deadlines that they were unaware of. It is important to be represented by a lawyer if you are facing accusations of:

Even a conviction for something relatively minor, like reckless driving or shoplifting, can stay on your criminal record and affect future career and educational opportunities.  You deserve to be treated as innocent until a prosecutor has proved your guilt- and an attorney will help you to try to maximize the chances of getting out of the criminal justice system unscathed.

How to Defend Yourself or Respond to Criminal Charges

The right response to criminal charges is going to depend upon many factors including the crime you are accused of, the evidence against you, and your willingness to take a risk of going to court.  Your primary choices when faced with charges include:

  • Entering into a pre-trial diversion program, when available (usually for minor offenses).
  • Pleading guilty in exchange for the prosecutor charging you with a lesser offense or recommending a light sentence.
  • Trying to get charges dropped, which is possible when there is insufficient evidence for the prosecutor to move forward (such as when you get evidence suppressed).
  • Raising affirmative defenses in court, like self-defense in an assault case.
  • Going to court to undermine the prosecutor’s case so guilt cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

A criminal attorney serving clients in Southern California can help you to develop an effective legal strategy appropriate to the specifics of your case.

Getting Help from a Redlands Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox LLP have decades of collective experience helping clients who are facing prosecution in the criminal justice system. We firmly believe that you should be treated fairly and we will fight every step of the way to protect your rights and help you avoid a conviction or minimize penalties. To learn more about how our criminal attorneys help clients throughout Redlands, San Bernardino and surrounding areas, give us a call today.

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