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What information can a private investigator find that the average person cannot typically access about their spouse?

Jimmie: Well, licensed professional investigators have access to proprietary databases that are not available to the general public.  So, technically, if I’m doing a background search on a particular spouse and I have their full name, and if it’s a spouse I’m gonna have their full name, date of birth, social, given to me by the client spouse, I can go into several aggregated databases, proprietary databases and I can do a search, and I may end up coming up with, let’s say for example, e-mail addresses that the client might never have known of.  These are now e-mail addresses that we can start searching social media accounts that they might not have been familiar with.

We can also determine whether or not the target spouse may have been using any aliases or other names associated with that that the client spouse may not have known of, and then we do a background check on that name.  So, there are certain things that an actually individual or consumer can do on their own, but it is very limited.  What an investigator does is far deeper and much more in depth, much broader with access to, again, proprietary databases that the general public does not have access to.

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