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How successful is deleting information from your Facebook account right before a divorce?

You could delete anything you want, but a good attorney can always subpoena records from Facebook directly. A spouse that has suspicions, before they even make those suspicions known to the guilty spouse, has already been going onto Facebook doing screen shots and capturing evidence of what they’ve seen on the Facebook page.

So, it’s often too late?

Jimmie: Yes, too late.  It’s often too late.  I mean, with regards to cheating spouses, which by the way statistically we have found that women now are cheating more often then men.  You know, men just don’t think that their wives are going to be cheating on them, so they usually end up getting blindsided much more than a woman.

Usually the woman, if she suspects the husband, she’ll be the one doing the social media searches, and she’s going to know that something is wrong much farther in advance than the husband.  When a man has a cheating wife, he usually doesn’t even suspect anything until it hits him in the face.  So, a male client is less likely to have done a lot of the detective work, where a woman is more likely to have done more of the detective work.

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