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How a DUI Can Affect Your Ability to Drive for Uber or Lyft in California

If you have recently been arrested on a DUI charge, you may encounter difficulty in applying to join the driving communities of rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft. Depending on the company, a DUI conviction may be an automatic disqualifier.

Background Requirements for Uber and Lyft

A majority of rideshare companies have strict policies against hiring individuals that have a criminal history. This includes DUI, as it is not only a note on your driving record, but also your criminal record.

Uber – When it comes to a DUI conviction, the rideshare giant, Uber, does not hire those who have been convicted within the last 10 years. This is on par with how long a DUI conviction will remain in a person’s driving record.

Lyft – According to the Lyft’s online driver policy, all aspiring drivers will need to undergo a driving record check, which will disqualify applicant that has had a DUI in the last 7 years.

Both companies have strict policies against hiring those who have a felony DUI conviction on their record, even when the conviction occurred over 10 years ago. In California, a DUI can hit a person’s criminal record as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the case. It should also be noted that DUI cases are both fought in court and with the DMV. The information here, is more centered around the criminal court process, and how it can have bearing on your ability to work and earn.

How a DUI Can Affect Your Application

Whether or not you were convicted of the DUI, you should expect that the charges will work against you in the application process. If you were found not guilty in the DUI charges, the DUI will likely not reflect negatively on your driving record. However, if your case dismissed, ridesharing companies might still hold the DUI against you.

In the event that you are currently in the process of dealing with a DUI case where you have not been convicted, you should consider seeking legal support.

Current Uber and Lyft Drivers Facing a DUI Charge

If you are a rideshare driver and have recently been arrested for driving under the influence, you may be able to keep your rideshare driving privileges. Depending on your case or if your driver’s license was suspended, you might not encounter any problems with continuing your service. Unfortunately, if you have been convicted of driving under the influence, you will likely no longer be able to driver for any ridesharing company. In this case, it is important to fight the DUI charges immediately.

California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (e)

A new California law has recently set the standard for what is considered a DUI for rideshare drivers. Effective July 2018, ridesharing drivers will be considered DUI if their blood alcohol concentration is 0.04% rather than the previous standard of 0.08%, when the driver has a passenger in the vehicle.

If a driver may be considered to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance if he or she has demonstrated an impairment to the extent that he or she is not able to drive in a reasonably cautious manner. Following a conviction, the driver may face a driver’s license suspension or revocation (through the California DMV) and mandatory DUI classes.

Hire the Legal Support of a Skilled Attorney

If you are a rideshare driver or are looking to apply for a position as a driver, you should know that a DUI can severely affect your ability to pass a driving record requirement. When facing DUI charges, a conviction can affect you for many years and can also affect you ability to earn a living. In California, however, you have the legal right to obtain legal representation to defend against a DUI charge. Contact the support of a skilled criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights.

The DUI defense attorneys at Milligan, Beswick, Levine & Knox, LLP law firm have many years of experience helping their clients fight a DUI conviction. If you are facing a DUI charge, obtain proficient legal support as soon as possible.

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